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The Ultimate South African 4×4 Off-road Adventures


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Any 4×4 enthusiast knows that your vehicle can only give you a driving experience as amazing as the track that you are on. If you’re the type that gets giddy over the prospect of taking your off-road vehicle on a wild adventure with rolling hills and treacherous terrain, then this list of South Africa’s finest 4×4 playgrounds is exactly what you are looking for. Each one has its own unique qualities and offers an exciting adventure to the 4×4 owner, so get your rally gloves on, hire a 4×4 and let’s traverse some of our lovely country’s best off-road locations.

Bass Lake Adventures in Johannesburg

Let’s start with something a little closer to home, for all of those city dwellers who itch for an exciting outing, but simply don’t have the time to make a meal of it. This 14km run should take you around 3 hours to complete in full, depending on your skill, and is open 5 days a week, except when there have been heavy rains. The 2015 Bridgestone Challenge was held at this location since it is a beautiful and challenging one with tough terrain and water sections that are guaranteed to put your driving skills to the test.

Groenkloof Nature Reserve in Pretoria

Groenkloof Nature Reserve was proclaimed by Paul Kruger in 1895 and is one of our country’s oldest reserves. It boasts a 14km 4×4 trail that takes you through varying terrains while offering the odd peak at wild animals. Essentially a safari adventure through dry thicket, old, low bridges and woody species of shrubbery, this adventure will put you at the heart of the wilderness without you needing to stray too far from your busy schedule in the city.

Hennops Offroad Trail in Hartbeespoort

If you are looking to become better acquainted with the capabilities of your off-road vehicle, then Hennops has the terrain you are looking for. The trail includes a variety of different terrain types, from mud-pits, rocky inclines and ditches, taking between two and three hours to complete depending on your capabilities.

Kungwini 4×4 in Bronkhorstpruit

Kungwini offers a comprehensive training track that will help you grow as a driver or refine your already impeccable skills. This private bush farm has everything you need to prepare yourself to handle Africa’s more difficult trails, in a controlled and safe environment. So whether you are breaking into the world of 4×4 trails or just want to put your car to the test, this is a great trail to play around in.

Before you head off on an African outdoor adventure, you’ll need to have everything in order. Contact South Africa 4×4 for more information on various trails around you, as well as Toyota Hilux four by four rentals. They are waiting for your call.

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