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Tips for a Namibian Holiday


Travelling through Namibia in your vehicle is one of the best ways to explore this extremely beautiful country. This, supplemented by the freedom you have to stop and go at your leisure, makes self-driving in Namibia quite rewarding. Here are a few general tips to make your Namibian trip more exciting:


  1. Fill up on petrol when you have the chance.

Namibia is a lightly populated country and getting stuck with no gas is not an ideal situation. Some maps will demarcate where the filling stations are, but do not simply trust any old map you find as it might be out of date. There are several fuelling stations along the national roads, but one should always ensure that they have enough fuel in your car to get from one station to another.


  1. Only take secondary routes if your car can handle it.

The secondary roads are recognised by both their ‘D’ or ‘C’ prefixes, and these roads are generally un-tarred dirt roads. These roads are usually easy to drive on, but remember that your car will need to be able to handle a little bit of dust and sand when using some of them.

When exploring the country’s secondary road network you will find loads of little pebbles along the way. Discreet camp sites, conservation centres, traditional communities and also the largest meteorite in the world, to name a few.


  1. Look out for animals

Regardless of what road you’re driving on, you need to be aware of animals. Not only because they are remarkable to view and observe, but because they can run into the road quite unexpectedly.

Warthogs can be relatively dangerous as they are quite difficult to spot from a distance, and can cause some serious damage to your vehicle if knocked at high speed. Kudus (and other bucks) have also been known to panic and run in front of vehicles so be cautious, especially if road signs warning you of the probability of one of these animals are spotted.

The animals are mostly active during dusk and dawn, so if the sun’s setting, or if the sun’s rising, then improve your wits and be vigilant on the road.


  1. Plan your trip before you embark

It is essential to decide on a route before you embark into the wild on your road trip exploration through Namibia. Do a little googling before you set off, plot out the sights you wish to see and then strategize a route that’ll best get you there bearing the kind of car, and the kind of roads in mind.

Additionally, don’t under- or overestimate a number of kilometres you can cover in a day. Like any road trip, it’s always best to allocate more time to get to a destination rather than rush through roads you might be familiar with, to a place you haven’t seen before. You never know what might delay you, whether it’s a rough road that requires you to slow down or stumbling upon a charming little town you might want to spend time exploring.


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