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Return of Your 4×4 Vehicle after your Rental

We at South Africa 4×4 strive to improve our standards and products for our clients.  Every now and again we take the information received from our clients and discuss it, to see what we can do to put new things in place to better your adventure!

One of our new points that came up, was when a 4×4 vehicle is returned after your adventure.  Generally we check a few important things such as:

  • Diesel is full
  • GPS and charges
  • SAT phone and charges
  • Books
  • Bumps and Scratches
  • And of course feedback of your trip.

Then, when the vehicle is back at the depot it goes for a wash, service and equipment check.  Our staff provides feedback on anything that they might find missing, broken or damaged.  Once all the info is in, we then either charge our clients for missing, broken or damaged equipment or all is good and we continue preparing the vehicle for its next adventure.

South Africa 4x4 Hire. Land Rover TD5 Hand Over

Unfortunately this is not always working as well; as we have received a lot of resistance from clients when we charge for missing, broken or damaged equipment. And then the emails start flying….

Back to the drawing board for us!  And so we have come up with a new strategy and is implemented with immediate effect on all our vehicles going out.  Please read below the new way forward for returning vehicles.

On return of the vehicle at the end of your adventure, we provide you an option of the following:

  1. We do an EXTENDED RETURN, where we check all the equipment according to the equipment checklist. Any missing or broken items will then be sorted and finalise at the handover in your precence. This will take approximately 60 minutes.

If you select the EXTENDED RETURN, to speed up the return we ask our clients to assist with the following:

  • Crates is packed according to the labels.
  • Sleeping bags must be out of the tents and rolled up in its bags.
  • Pillows; Towels and blankets packed in the duffel bag.
  • All other loose items such as the table, chairs, first aid, recovery bag, pots & pans is visible and packed neatly.
  • All books, documents and permits together on the front seat.
  • Ensure you have enough time to check in prior to your flight.
  • And of course feedback of your trip.
  1. Alternatively we do a QUICK RETURN. This will take approximately 15 minutes.
  • 1 Diesel is full
  • 2 GPS and charges
  • 3 SAT phone and charges
  • 4 Books
  • 5 Bumps and Scratches
  • 6 And of course feedback of your trip.

Equipment is check at our depot and if any irregularities; it will then be charge afterwards. This then cannot be queried afterwards.

One of the above mentioned options can be selected at the handover of the vehicle at the start of your adventure.  The client then signs in the block of preference.

Hopefully by doing this we can eliminate any difficulties and end the client’s adventure with ease and hassle free.

But please don’t forget to send the photos!!

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