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Why Namibia is a Perfect Four-Wheel Drive Destination

Why Namibia is a perfect four-wheel drive destination


For the ultimate Namibian adventure, and for the greatest way to experience the massive and picturesque magnificence of this country, there are few other ways than to do it by 4×4. Even though the roads generally are good, and easily reached in a two-wheel drive, it is even better to have a 4×4 since there are areas where a two wheel drive won’t reach.

The road network in Namibia is quite good in general, and with tarred main roads it is possible to travel from the southern parts of the country up to Windhoek and even further up north on a well tarred road,however, a 4×4 will give you a lotless restrictions when venturing off the main routes.

A true Namibian safari-style holiday must to contain the Sossusvlei Dunes or Dead Vlei deep into the Namib Desert, subsequently, neither are easily reached in your average sedan car without a lengthy and, more often than not,scorching hot walk from a parking area. Your 4×4 will get you to the bottom of the Sossusvlei dunes to offer you more time to appreciate the land.

The Kuiseb Canyon (often called the ‘Moon Landscape”)is reached by following a long and snaking gravel road which can be accessible in a two wheel drive car,however, for comfort and peace of mind, a four-wheel drive is highly recommended. If you are the daring kind, you could make it in a sedan car but would have to be willing to change tyres because of the rock-strewn roads.

Most tourist attractions are situated in the middle of nowhere, in stunning Namib Desert landscape or enormous plains. If you happen tobe far out from one of the main roads, there will be little to no cell reception. For an improvedfeeling of safety and superior handling of your car and for being able to appreciate your Namibian safari holiday to the fullest, travel the country by 4×4.

Travelling Southern Africa by 4×4 will uncover a new adventure in having the ability to take the scenic route and experience the part of the continent in living full colour. South Africa 4×4 offers a great fleet of 4×4 vehicles to rent, including:

  • 18 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4
  • 4 Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4

Comprising the following vehicles:


  • 5 TD5
  • 2 Photographic TD5
  • 13 Defender 110 Pumas
  • 5 Ultimate Safari Puma
  • 18 Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4×4
  • 1 Toyota Land Cruiser 76
  • 3 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • 2 4×4 Bundu Basher Trailers – ( with or without equipment )
  • 2 Standby Toyota Hilux 4×4 Double Cab

South Africa 4×4 and its 24 years of experience in the rental of 4×4 vehicles, provides you with a safe and even more enjoyable, at an affordable price. Travel all of Southern Africa, and reaching as far as Kenya and Congo, and other African countries by special arrangement with South Africa 4×4.


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