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Lusaka, The Bustling Capital Of Zambia

Lusaka, The Bustling Capital Of Zambia

Lusaka, The Bustling Capital Of Zambia

Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and it is booming at the moment. New buildings are continuously going up and new chain stores and shopping malls are popping up all over the suburbs.
Road development is slightly lacking in certain areas which make peak hour traffic a bit of a nightmare but it is definitely a town on the rise. Lusaka is actually a perfect example of what economic liberalisation can do for a country. You can see Lusaka from the villages which entices rural Zambians to move to the city in search of work. Lusaka has an unemployment rate of around 60% but there are very few beggars. Of course there are instances of petty theft but most people try to make an honest living by selling their crafts or services with a broad smile every day.

The markets of Lusaka are a hive of buzzing activity and there are thousands of stalls that are set up and taken down every day. You can find many motor vehicle spares dealers, hairdressers, restaurants, fruit-sellers and rows upon rows of stalls that sell discarded clothing from overseas by the bale, called “Salaula”. Lusaka stretches over around 70 squared kilometers and is one of the fastest growing cities in central Africa. The population of Lusaka boomed after the independence era and it still continues to grow daily. It is a sprawling metropolis that has many high buildings, shanty towns and high-walled suburbs. The towns development has brought many people of different nationalities together, creating a bustling centre filled with political, economic and cultural activities.
Maps of the town are readily available from the Zambian National Tourist Board, the Pamodzi Hotel or the Map Centre. There is also a local magazine called the Lusaka Lowdown which contains many useful ads for local products and services. There are also a few famous names which originate out of Lusaka such as Dambisa Moyo.

Getting around:
There are no real scheduled bus services to take people around. You will have to use your 4×4 to get around or take a blue taxi which could be in the form of 12 seater minibuses, old cars, dial-up cabs and chauffeur-driven vehicles that you can hire.

Restaurants and Nightlife:
There are many upmarket clubs and restaurants all over the suburbs but the roadside shebeens will give you a real taste of how Zambians “get down”. They will often dance the night away to hip hop, R&B or Rhumba.
4x4ing in Zambia

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