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Kitting Yourself Out for a 4X4 Adventure

Kitting Yourself Out for a 4X4 Adventure

Going on a 4×4 adventure is an exciting experienced, except for when you venture out unprepared. There are few feelings worse than heading off of the beaten path only to realise you haven’t taken enough water, fuel, clothing or equipment with. Being under-prepared for the great outdoors can be a truly harrowing experience, which is why any gnarled 4×4 veteran will preach the importance of a well-stocked vehicle when leaving for an off-the-map trip. To help make sure that you never find yourself in the unsettling situation mentioned above, here are some pro tips on what to pack when heading off on a 4×4 adventure.

General Items

We’ll start with miscellaneous items because there is a lot to consider here. Roof top tents are important to fend off the harsh African sun, but also come in handy in other harsh weather conditions. Long trips will require additional jerry-cans for fuel, fire extinguishers to handle hazards, a GPS, toolbox and camping equipment must all be stocked and checked before leaving. A satellite phone is also a good addition, in case you face an emergency and need to contact someone from a remote location.

Cooking Up a Storm

Remember to pack cutlery and crockery, a preparation table, cooler bag and cooking equipment such as pots, pans and a (full) gas braai. You may want to take a freezer with you, as well as cables that allow your vehicle to power it. Out of all of the consumables you can bring with, however; never forget to bring plenty of water.

On the Road

You may find that, deep into your trip, you start to experience vehicle troubles. Taking essentials with you such as a shifting spanner, a wheel spanner and a lifting jack is important, as you may find yourself kilometres away from a service station when it happens.

Out Under the Stars

Camping, especially during this time of the year, can be difficult when you are not prepared. Remember to take a flashlight, plenty of warm clothing and bedding, rope, a tent, bags to dispose of rubbish, and of course, toiletries.

Safety and Aid

First aid should always be considered on a trip, especially since you will likely find yourself a long way from any hospitals while off of the road. It is essential to take a fully stocked med-kit with you, as well as a manual on first aid. The protection of yourself and the passengers sharing the ride with you should always be a priority.

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