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The Key Features And Benefits Of A Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard Certificate will use something called Subject Alternative Names to secure a domain as well its first level the-key-features-and-benefits-of-a-wildcard-ssl-certificatesubdomains. For example, a Wildcard certificate would secure the domain as well as the email accounts whereas a standard SSL Certificate will only secure the domain and you will have to purchase additional certificates. Basically, you can rest assured that every link you click on our website will be 100% secure and so will every email you send us: all your information will be protected.

Key Features of a wildcard SSL Certificate.

  • The Wildcard Certificate will extend its trusted and secure SSL to the multiple subdomains which may be found under one domain on your server.
  • The full authentication of your business at a second domain level will verify your businesses identity and also domain ownership.
  • Certificates are usually issued in one day
  • You can get up to 256-bit encryption in order to secure online transactions, for instance, if you pay online with a credit card.
  • Most Wildcard Certificates will support 2 encryption algorithms, namely: RSA and DSA. These come within one SSL Certificate.
  • Some SSL Certificates, depending on where you get them, can maximise click-throughs and conversions.
  • A daily website malware scan will show our customers that we are committed to keeping them safe.
  • Most SSL Certificate vendors will offer 24/7 support as well easy renewal and they will offer some sort of money-back guarantee.
  • Some SSL certificates will automatically generate CSRs and also install certificates.

Key Benefitsof a wildcard SSL Certificate.

  • You can save money on admin and development costs by using an SSL Certificate for multiple subdomains under one domain on the server.
  • You can simplify the installation and management of the SSL Certificate that secures multiple subdomains with one certificate and also one expiration date.
  • You can immediately start protecting new subdomains and you will eliminate the lead time to purchase new certificates.
  • SSL Wildcard certificates can accommodate for web based applications as well such as social networks.
  • You can secure all your subdomains, present and future, with one certificate at one predictable price.
  • A good SSL certificate will allow your website to transfer data securely over multiple domains. You will be able to protect all subdomains on your server with only one trusted SSL Certificate. There are also other solutions available to you in order to protect your site.

We at SA 4X4 understand the importance of keeping your information safe while visiting our site which is why we have purchased a Wildcard SSL Certificate. All tabs, links and payment facilities are 100% secure.

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