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Itinerary Planning and Things to Consider


There are several factors you would need to consider when planning a safari trip. These include health and safety, specific interests and accommodation. These aspects affect the safari travel plan. Here is a look at a few important factors to consider when creating an itinerary:

• Health, safety and personal needs
Travelling in Africa for some people creates some level of apprehension. It is important that travellers are forthcoming with any concerns regarding health and safety so that arrangements are made to make them feel more comfortable and make the most of their vacation.
Detailing your personal needs is very important, from health issues to food allergies and personal preferences. Sometimes when you are in the bush, tour guides don’t always have access to the personal requirements you might have, so it’s important to prepare this all beforehand.

• Special interests
Southern Africa has so much to offer apart from the safari experience and has so many varieties of the safari experience as well. An individual’s special interests help design an experience that will touch on all of one’s passions. From photography, fishing and hiking, to bird-watching, art and cuisine, African culture and specific wildlife from elephants to penguins or lions to dung Beatles are showcased. Finding a place that connects to your special interests will change the experience from a good one to an extraordinary one.

• Activity level
Bearing in mind just how active you want to be on your expedition is also quite helpful, from planning the kind of safari to the type of activities in between need to fit into a day. Though hiking the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa, or climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania might be interesting to some people, for others, a relaxed walk on safari or simply lazing in the infinity pool observing elephants wallow in the nearby river below is all you need.

• Destinations
The major safari destinations in Africa can generally be divided into two regions, Southern and East Africa. South Africa 4×4 operates mostly in the Southern African countries of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. In East Africa, South Africa 4×4 operates in Kenya and Tanzania with the add-on option of gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda (South Africa 4×4 only operates East Africa via special arrangement). Every destination offers something totally different and a little research will help to determine what region is best for you.

• Accommodation
Options for the kind of accommodation while on vacation is endless. Luxurious safari lodges offering private pools, bath tubs and large four-post beds and exotic cuisine might be appealing to some, while the adventure of camping out in a safari tent in luxury or camping in the wild might be what many people have in mind and for the more daring, tents on your 4×4 while over landing around Southern Africa is exactly what you wish for. Frequently on the coastline and in the big cities, resort and chain hotel options are never-ending or get a more local feel in the smaller boutique hotels or B&Bs.

• Transportation
Depending on the destination you’ve chosen and the accessibility to lodges and camps, transportation could be via commercial airline, or smaller “bush plane” is an option. However, ground transportation and/or self-driving is often the preferred mode of transport. Deliberations around comfort of travelling in planes can create anxiety around the method of transport and are important to ensure our travellers always feel comfortable.

Exploring Southern Africa via 4×4 will offer you a new adventure in being able to take the back roads and experience the continent in all of its beauty. South Africa 4×4 are avid 4×4 enthusiasts, with over 20 years of camping and touring experience in Africa. South Africa 4×4 shares their passion for the bush and would like to share their knowledge with clients and help tourists make the experience exciting but safe and enjoyable.

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