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Four Things That Make a Good 4X4 Vehicle

Four Things That Make a Good 4X4 Vehicle

Four Things That Make a Good 4X4 Vehicle

So you’ve got this big 4X4 that looks like it can climb Everest, but can it really? It seems as if it will be the best off-roading vehicle of all time. That other smaller 4×4 has nothing on your behemoth, right? Not really. Let’s have a look at what makes a good 4X4:

4X4 Fanatics love to test their vehicles off-roading abilities and they will often claim that the newest vehicle is a winner. There are certain criteria that will make a good 4X4 vehicle. Below are four criteria that need to be met for your 4X4 to be a beastly off-roading machine.

1). Ground Clearance

If you wish to travel aver harsh terrain, you definitely need to ensure that your vehicle has plenty of room between the underside of your vehicle and the ground. Without the high ground clearance, you can easily to do serious damage to the vehicle when climbing over rocks, stumps and boulders.

2). Wheel Articulation

When it comes to driving off-road, wheel travel is vital. It will increase traction as well vehicle stability if you keep at least one tyre on the surface. A lot of 4X4 fanatics prefer one solid axle instead of an independent suspension at it will allow for more wheel articulation. If you wish to do some desert racing though, an independent suspension will provide a smoother ride with good handling.

3). Low End Torque

One of the best 4X4 engines of all time was manufactured by a well-known 4×4 vehicle brand and it is a 4-liter, high output inline 6. This engine is known for its great low end torque. Low end torque is so important because it allows you to maintain a steady momentum when tackling obstacles without having to put strain on the engine. With engines like this, a soft touch of the pedal will get you over some impressive obstacles, especially if you are shifting correctly.

4). Tires

You cannot use street tyres for off-roading. If you want to keep up with the big dogs, you need to invest in some tough, all-terrain tyres or even some mud terrain tyres. The key with these tyres is that they have deep treads, tough side walls and they are made out of the correct rubber. Most of the time, the case is that the bigger the tyre, the better and the most common sizes used today are 33 and 35 inch. Even with all-terrain tyres, it’s till important to deflate them a little to increase your traction and the size of the contact patch.

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