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5 Must-See 4×4 Trails In And Around Gauteng

So you may have just been daydreaming out of your apartment window, or from the sixth floor of your office block, wondering what adventure lies just beyond the horizon. Jo’burgers know just how intense the city can get; bumper-to-bumper traffic, crawling Supermarket queues, newspapers howling non-stop political tirades, sometimes it can feel like an endless stream of utter chaos. Well, if you are a resident of the Big City and you need to get out, and you love doing silly things with a 4×4, these 5 trails situated in and around Gauteng are must-see adrenaline inducing trips.

5 Must-See 4x4 Trails In And Around Gauteng

  1. Bass Lake Adventures

Bass Lake is famous for being a top class scuba diving facility but last year Bridgestone held it’s 4×4 challenge on Bass Lakes 14km trail, which highlighted this spot as a must for four by four enthusiasts.

This is a trail that needs a definite level of skill. If you are a newbie, try it out, there are escape routes on the more difficult sections, but if you are a toughened pro, you’ll definitely be getting your fix. It is mostly made of natural track with worthwhile descents and ascents and slippery sections through water.

Bass Lake is about 45 minutes from Sandton.

  1. Kungwini

About an hour outside of Johannesburg and 30 minutes from Pretoria you will find this excellent 4×4 haven. Kungwini, which is just off of Bronkhorstpruit dam offers amazing trails for both novices and experts. They have a training package which takes you along a 12 obstacle track, you’ll be in good hands if it’s your first time. This training with get you ready for that dream trip into the African wilderness.

  1. Lekoa Lodge

If you are looking to explore the open rocky plains of Vaal then Lekoa lodge, about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg is the place to go. They are situated on about 6000 hectares of land on which you can freely roam and have a specific 4×4 trail as well.

  1. Sandwani Game Lodge

If you like your 4×4’ing with the added bonus of exquisite wildlife, then Sandwani is a great choice. They are located just north of Pretoria and about an hour from Johannesburg. For 4×4 lovers the sandy, veld terrain is dappled with tough climbs and tricky little descents. You’re in for a good time whether your eye is on the trail or on the wildlife.

  1. Protea 4×4 Adventures

Located in Krugersdorp Gauteng, Protea 4×4 adventures has a simple vision, they want to teach you how to access the full capabilities of your vehicle. They not only run amazing 4×4 training programs but they also have what they call an “adventure playground” for both individuals and groups to play around in. Take a trip out to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve to test out your off-road skills!

Don’t have a 4×4?

If you’re reading this and wishing you had the right vehicle to explore the outdoors like this then don’t worry. There are many 4×4 rental specialists in the country. Through companies like South Africa 4×4 you can hire a Toyota Hilux or Land Cruiser. In no time you’ll be out there tasting the splendours that South Africa has to offer.

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