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What Your 4×4 Needs to Protect the Vehicle on Harsh Terrain

What Your 4×4 Needs to Protect the Vehicle on Harsh Terrain

What Your 4×4 Needs to Protect the Vehicle on Harsh Terrain

What your 4×4 needs to protect the vehicle on harsh terrain:

1). Skid Plates

Even if your vehicle has good ground clearance, driving off-road can do some serious damage to your vehicle, especially when driving over rocks. It is important to protect the underside of your vehicle with skid plates. Your rock panels will be protected by rock sliders and a gas tank skid plate will prevent damage to the gas tank. You should also protect your differentials, your oil pan and any other vulnerable parts on the underside of the vehicle such as your differential.

2). High Mounted Air Intake

This goes without saying but sucking water into your engine is very bad. Water is not compressible which means if it gets into your cylinder will damage your connecting rods, this is known as hydro-locking the engine. Hydro-locking can even occur if the vehicle travels through a shallow puddle. This is why you need to ensure that your air intake is elevated. Many 4×4 enthusiasts will use snorkels which can allow the vehicle to travel while almost completely submerged in water. A high mounted air intake will definitely help but the drivers technique is also important to prevent hydro-lock.

3). Tow Points

When it comes to battling through the bush and harsh terrain of Africa, getting stuck is almost inevitable. If you manage to get yourself stuck while 4x4ing, you need to find a safe and easy place where you can tow your vehicle from. The tow hooks are great tow points as they connect to strong, rigid parts of the vehicle. This ensures you don’t pull the bumper off or damage any other parts while towing. Also, try use a nylon rope to tow the vehicle out of trouble, not a chain.

4). Robustness

While some 4×4 drivers prefer independent suspensions, solid axles are by far, more robust. Axles are what house the differential half-shafts and they are big metal tubes. Independent suspensions have something called CV joints which have exposed rubber boots that can be easily torn or dmaged on sharp rocks. The control arms are easily prone to bending or breaking, leaving the half-shafts exposed.

A good off-road vehicle has to be able to handle the high-stresses associated with off-road driving. This means the vehicle needs all of the above things. In order for you to enjoy your 4×4 experience, your vehicle needs to be exceptionally tough. You don’t want to tow your vehicle every 10 minutes or cause serious damage which cuts your trip short. 

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